About Us

Our Vision

To establish RAVEL as the leading engine that powers the remote and hybrid content creation industry.

Our Mission

We believe behind all great content is a Creative Team. Our mission is to elevate the creative spirit in every team, to securely create anything, anytime, anywhere. We have built a suite of solutions to automate and modernize any content creation environment.

About Our Company

RAVEL is a division of StratusCore Inc, the company that created the first secure cloud collaboration platform for remote and distributed content-creation workforces. Our history started years before the pandemic, where we learned from our product trials and deployments, providing us the roadmap to innovate and meet partner and customer needs. The world did change though, and the scale of remote work required a thoughtful pivot and accelerated the need for our innovative technology. Through endurance, listening to customers, and responding to this requirement through a shared vision with our investors, RAVEL brings the IT and DevOps community new superpowers - simplifying complexity, amplifying the power of IT, and providing creators in all industries the ability to produce their best work, securely, in familiar environments from any location.

Our Principles


The drive to improve the content creation process and remove barriers for every creator and engineer is at the center of everything we do.


The trust we've gained from the content creation community is our most valuable asset, one which we continue to invest in through transparency, responsiveness, and loyalty.


Creating new experiences is a complex process involving many contributors. Partnerships help us provide better solutions for our customers. A strong ecosystem with opportunity for sharing and integration is valuable to all involved in content creation.

Customer Care

Deeply understanding and caring about our customers is the first step in delivering the technologies that best solve their challenges and help them achieve their goals.


We believe in fostering a spirit of generosity, with our customers, our partners, our team and our community.