The New Industry Workspace

We give IT the power of choice to redefine “Virtual”

RAVEL operates in all industries where IT and DevOps need to automate and increase the speed of deployments for fast moving teams and projects. We thrive where creatives, designers and engineers require high performance compute, access to complete software systems, and flexibility to work from anywhere.

Media & Entertainment

No stranger to the requirement of immediate access of distributed teams for compute for pre-vis, VFX, editing and post-production, the M&E industry has turned to RAVEL for years to meet the most demanding needs of its creative teams. Our early RAVEL products were built specifically for this industry and evolved around it, understanding the innovative workflow needs that helped craft our business and software.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Remote work has changed the face of AEC forever, yet this industry is not foreign to multiple parties in different locations and offices coordinating efforts to bring projects to fruition. BIM is an inherently collaborative process and RAVEL meets each constituent where their teams are most effective – whether on-prem or distributed, giving IT the tools to build secure creation environments and seamless workflows with industry leading software for their teams’ most important cross-functional-projects.

Product Design & Manufacturing

Innovation knows no boundaries, but requires the creators, tools, processes and environments to be connected for teams to be most successful. The PD&M industry realizes that in today’s world, hybrid and cloud-based workflows require software and platforms to unify their teams to do their best work. RAVEL not only provides the tools for IT to meet the challenge, but provides the accelerant for them to meet all unique demands across the value chain.

Game Design

Big budgets get squeezed fast when high-expectations meet tight timelines, requiring unique tools that provide game design/dev teams with the flexibility and compute power to succeed. IT in the game industry is inundated with requests for lightning speed, unique multi-region environment deployments, but there are only so many hours in a day. With RAVEL, IT and DevOps deploy secure, fully software-loaded, high-compute environments in hours while managing costs and productivity.

Think of RAVEL Orchestrate™ as the quiver for your IT superpowers

No matter your industry, RAVEL supports the multitude of contributors to a project’s success. From the enterprise architecture firm, to the independent 3D modeler, the Director of IT at an SMB VFX house, to the senior compositor, everyone has access to the most intuitive tools that help them Create, Make and Deliver.


Provide near-immediate access to secure virtual workspaces for remote teams and partners. Provide designated workstations and software access with extensive telemetry to understand usage trends.


Spin up a new secure studios and creative offices in hours, enabling new regions and teams to quickly access high-compute, software, and multi-platform storage. Reduce IT intevention for sub-efficient tasks.

Learning & Development

Onboard new users and teams to creative workspaces, productions and associated software requirements without physical constraints. Save IT for the tasks that matter most.