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The Future of Generative AI Workflows Starts Today

Generative AI + Design Unleashed - Multi-Model Orchestration with RAVEL

The Dream Team

RAVEL has partnered with AMD and Supermicro to showcase a breakthrough Generative AI Workflow that offers a dynamic and versatile multi-model approach to content creation. This solution leverages a combination of different AI models to tackle complex design workflows at scale, with heavy compute and orchestration at the forefront. With RAVEL Orchestrate managing everything, from the pairing of Stable Diffusion with Adobe Firefly functionality in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro, to Supermicro + AMD compute, creative organizations now know no bounds!

"With StratusCore’s no-code RAVEL Orchestrate™, Supermicro now has a partner that contextualizes and brings practical use of our AI Superworkstation for the content creation industries and their teams to quickly and efficiently get to work right away." - Wei Chang, Senior System Solution Product Manager at Supermicro

The Generative AI Solution Showcase

  • Compute: Supermicro's AS -5014A-TT AI Superworkstation with AMD Radeon™ PRO 7800 GPUs with RAVEL Orchestrate and Stable Diffusion is easily deployed at any on-premise location for immediate use.
  • Orchestration: RAVEL Orchestrate manages all components in the workflow to take out the guesswork for IT to assemble a complete environment for your creative team, with a single point of compute power for secure, administrated Gen AI/Design workloads.
  • Models and Software: More is better. With our solution, pairing Stable Diffusion's enterprise scale image creation with Adobe Firefly®'s in-application generative tools in Adobe Photoshop® to export AI images to Adobe Premiere Pro®, a new workflow has emerged to meet the call of today's creative teams.

See for Yourself

RAVEL Orchestrate is your gateway to a world of creative possibilities. Whether you're a beginner dipping your toes into the world of Generative AI and design or an experienced professional seeking an efficient and accessible solution, RAVEL Orchestrate has you covered with this workflow solution. With its user-friendly interface, integration of Adobe's creative tools and more, utilization of Supermicro's AMD box with the 7800 chipset, and the scalability of the cloud (hyperscaler and datacenters), you have everything you need to bring your creative visions to life.

Unlock the creative potential of this multi-model Gen AI solution, including Stable Diffusion and Adobe Firefly®, and take your content creation to the next level with RAVEL Orchestrate.

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