Award-Winning GenAI Orchestration

RAVEL Orchestrate GenAI: The Easy Button For Generative AI

The Easy Button For GenAI

RAVEL Orchestrate GenAI gives IT and DevOps teams the power to assemble, deploy, and manage secure, high-performing generative AI workloads fast and efficiently, without writing a single line of code.

Supporting Stable Diffusion, Adobe Firefly, AMD Nod-ai SHARK, Amuse, and KoboldCPP, with both NVIDIA and AMD optimizations, RAVEL Orchestrate GenAI features Automated Setup and Bulk Installation functionality that removes manual, error prone, processes, and accelerates the setup of generative AI workflows, to enhance content quality and operational efficiencies for content creators.

Navigating GenAI Adoption

Generative AI and generative design have emerged as critical considerations for enhancing content quality and operational efficiencies across a broad range of industries including: Media & Entertainment, Product Design, Manufacturing, Gaming, and AEC. Leaving IT and DevOps teams the task of efficiently building, managing, and scaling secure GenAI environments to get the best return on investment for their teams.

But how do you achieve a thriving generative AI and design environment? And overcome the challenge of securing adequate compute power, effectively managing data and image workflows, and enabling communication between the two?

Look no further than RAVEL Orchestrate GenAI

First of Its Kind Turnkey GenerativeAI and Generative Design Superworkstation

RAVEL and Supermicro deliver the first turnkey Generative AI and Generative Design Superworkstation. Pre-loaded with RAVEL Orchestrate GenAI, the NVIDIA powered Supermicro AI Superworkstation won “Product of the Year” at NAB 2023.



Accelerate the deployment of generative AI software, enabling faster experimentation, prototyping, and production rollout of AI-driven solutions, to enhance content quality and gain competitive edge.

Minimize the downtime associated with manual installation and troubleshooting of complex AI workspaces, and free up your IT resources to focus on innovation and value-added tasks.

Leverage the power of optimized software and hardware configurations to achieve superior performance for AI workloads that can be effortlessly scaled across growing organizational needs.

Stay ahead of the curve and easily adapt to evolving technological trends and requirements, ensuring compatibility with future software updates, hardware advancements, and industry standards.

Download the Turnkey GenAI Superworkstation Solution Brief

Unlock the potential of Generative AI and Design, read our solution brief for a comprehensive overview of use cases, hardware and software configurations, supported workflows and Supermicro Superworkstation specs.


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Trial this robust, multi-model generative AI and design workflow solution that seamlessly integrates Supermicro’s Liquid Cooled AI Superworkstation with the innovative capabilities of RAVEL Orchestrate GenAI, with our partner Equus (ECS).