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Introducing the Avid Module for RAVEL Orchestrate: Elevate your Avid Environment to Azure Cloud

Deploy Avid in Azure with Ease

As businesses increasingly migrate their operations to the cloud, ensuring a seamless and efficient deployment becomes paramount. At StratusCore, we understand the challenges faced by organizations when it comes to building, imaging, and deploying the full suite of Avid servers in the Azure Cloud. That's why we've developed the Avid Module for Orchestrate, a powerful solution that brings confidence, control, simplicity, and centralized management to your cloud infrastructure.

Orchestrate your Avid servers and access in the Cloud

  • Server Creation: Build custom servers for Avid services in your Cloud tenant, based on Avid's own recommendations and best practices.
  • Customization: Install the desired Avid services and any additional tooling your teams require.
  • Imaging and Deployment: Image your Avid servers with a single click, and then deploy them anywhere in your Cloud tenancy to serve the needs of your production teams.
  • Management: Keep track of your Avid servers in one place, with quick and easy access to power management and administrative access to them all.

Key Benefits

1. Compatibility Assurance: Rest easy knowing that your Avid server deployments in the Azure Cloud are fully compatible with the Orchestrate management platform. The Avid Module ensures seamless integration, eliminating compatibility issues and ensuring a harmonious interaction.

2. Optimized Configuration: Leverage the streamlined integration and configuration process provided by the Avid Module. Enjoy optimized configurations that enhance the performance, reliability, and resource utilization of your Avid servers, resulting in an efficient cloud infrastructure.

3. Performance and Control: Take full control of your Azure Cloud-deployed Avid servers with Orchestrate's comprehensive monitoring and resource allocation capabilities. Fine-tune settings, allocate resources effectively, and monitor performance seamlessly within the interface, maximizing the performance and responsiveness of your Avid servers.

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