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Supermicro + RAVEL Orchestrate

Supermicro and RAVEL have come together to create a fully built, high-compute solution, making it easy for you to trial and experience a complete environment where you and your team will engage in Generative AI/Generative Design workloads, while leveraging traditional content creation workflows.

"With StratusCore’s no-code RAVEL Orchestrate™, Supermicro now has a partner that contextualizes and brings practical use of our AI Superworkstation for the content creation industries and their teams to quickly and efficiently get to work right away." - Wei Chang, Senior System Solution Product Manager at Supermicro

Unleash the Power of Gen AI/Gen Design with our Superworkstation Solution

  • Transportable: Supermicro's AI Superworkstation with RAVEL Orchestrate is easily deployed at any on-premise location for immediate use
  • Multi-Use in a Single Machine: RAVEL Orchestrate turns the AI Superworkstation into a fleet of workstations to provide your creative team with a single point of high compute power for heavy Gen AI/Design workloads
  • Unparalleled Efficiency: 1) Be efficient with your TCO and reduce overall costs by 70%, 2) reduce time to assemble and manage content creation workflows by 80%, and 3) reduce technical risk by magnitudes in building bespoke solutions with RAVEL Orchestrate's no-code SMART Assembly™

Get Exclusive Access

RAVEL Orchestrate enables creative tools and secure access in this Gen AI + Design POC, giving your team exclusive access to trial the powerful first-of-its kind workflow and Superworkstation that won NAB 2023 Product of the Year. Includes access to:

1. Open source latent text-to-image and image-to-image diffusion models, utilizing Stable Diffusion, to generate high-quality content.

2. Adobe's Creative Tools, such as Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Premiere® Pro, enable creative enhancements and content refinement.

3. Autodesk's Maya and 3DS Max provide robust 3D modeling and animation capabilities.

4. Virtualization technology for efficient resource allocation and management.

5. Secure access control and identity management to ensure data integrity and user authentication.

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The Solution Brief provides a comprehensive overview of:

• Specific solution use cases with associated
hardware and software configurations
• Sample supported Generative AI Workflows
• Supermicro Superworkstation specs

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