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Try the Generative AI + Design Workflow brought to you by Supermicro and RAVEL

Generative AI and Design Made Easy - Have a look for yourself with Orchestrate Verify

Supermicro + RAVEL Orchestrate

Supermicro and RAVEL have come together to create a fully built, high-compute solution, making it easy for you to experience a complete environment in how you and your team will engage in Generative AI/Generative Design workloads, while leveraging traditional content creation workflows.

"With StratusCore’s no-code RAVEL Orchestrate™, Supermicro now has a partner that contextualizes and brings practical use of our AI Superworkstation for the content creation industries and their teams to quickly and efficiently get to work right away." - Wei Chang, Senior System Solution Product Manager at Supermicro

Unleash the Power of Gen AI/Gen Design with our Superworkstation Solution

  • Transportable: Supermicro's AI Superworkstation with RAVEL Orchestrate is easily deployed at any on-premise location for immediate use
  • Multi-Use in a Single Machine: It's a fleet of workstations to provide your creative team with a single point of high compute power for heavy Gen AI/Design workloads
  • Unparalleled Efficiency: 1) Be efficient with your TCO and reduce overall costs by 70%, 2) reduce time to assemble and manage content creation workflows by 80%, and 3) reduce technical risk by magnitudes in building bespoke solutions with RAVEL Orchestrate's no-code SMART Assembly™

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