Autodesk Names StratusCore as Approved Virtualization Partner for Autodesk’s Solution Provider Channel

StratusCore and Autodesk broaden use of Autodesk software in virtual and on-prem environments

May 11, 2022

Seattle, May 11, 2022 - StratusCore, the leading provider of SaaS-based DevOps automation solutions to rapidly deploy secure virtual content creation and collaboration environments, announces Autodesk’s (NASDAQ: ADSK) approval and naming of RAVEL Products as an important virtualization partner to service and complement Autodesk’s Solution Provider channel. This partnership serves to enable broader use of Autodesk software in both virtual and on-prem hybrid environments. This in turn, affords the Autodesk Solution Provider Channel the ability to simplify and rapidly deploy virtualized solutions in hybrid and cloud-based ecosystems, while reducing financial and deployment risk for and with their shared customers.

“Autodesk Solution Providers are obsessively focused on delivering customer outcomes. In the last two years we have seen a dramatic acceleration of workplace digitization alongside an increasing dislocation of employees from fixed offices to anywhere those employees can get internet access”, said John Carey, Director, WW Channel Strategy & Programs. “StratusCore’s Ravel Solutions empower Autodesk Solution Providers with the means to accelerate customer ROI by expanding deployment options available for Autodesk solutions via ready-to-deploy, optimized virtual environments with pre-configured and customizable application workflows. This gives customers easy access to secure dynamic content creation environments that scale and contract to meet the needs of their distributed teams. At the same time, StratusCore’s Ravel Solutions provide the ability to simplify hybrid and cloud transformation whilst reducing complex integration risk to meet customer’s where they are with their evolving workflow and cloud transformation requirements”.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we needed to quickly bring our resources to a now-geographically dispersed team. Our goal was to provide a familiar environment to our artists while maintaining our strict security posture. We often find ourselves working on multi-region productions for major film and streaming studios. These complex production workflows require a level of team and systems orchestration that is complex and often daunting. We considered migrating some of our creation environments and workflows to the cloud, however doing this on our own required an extensive time investment from my team. We couldn’t afford any missteps”, said Jeremy Oddo, Director of Technology at The Third Floor. “With RAVEL Orchestrate, our cloud knowledge gap nearly went to zero and we were able to rapidly assemble and deploy our own bespoke solution—all while maintaining our existing Autodesk software, identity provider, and low-latency remoting software. We were able to maintain our on-prem infrastructure while augmenting our environment with burstable cloud resources. In addition, RAVEL Orchestrate’s telemetry helped with budgeting and managing productivity. StratusCore honestly demystified the cloud, provided the benefit of ‘pay-for-only-what-you-need’, and made it easy for us to customize and effortlessly schedule our technical resources and environment to named users. We were very impressed by the StratusCore team and their willingness to share knowledge and rapidly assess our needs as we go through this transformation”.

“We built StratusCore to enable the ease and rapid deployment of complex content creation environments on anyone’s cloud tenancy or on-prem infrastructure. Our mission is to reduce integration friction and facilitate remote and hybrid work environments”, said Denise Muyco, CEO of Stratuscore. “The speed of delivery for these environments is critical for any business, now that remote and hybrid work is the new normal. Autodesk has always been one of the most respected creation tools and platform companies in the world, and we are proud to be their partners in offering tools to accelerate and empower Autodesk’s channel and customers to realize the benefits of hybrid and cloud-based digital production & creation. I have the highest regard for Jeremy and his IT team at The Third Floor”, added Muyco. “He and his team diligently work to ensure that hundreds of creators have everything they need to focus on digital storytelling. There are many technical leaders like Jeremy facing similar issues. I’m proud of our team’s ability to listen and empathize with our customers’ and partners’ challenges, as we accompany them on their journey through digital transformation and enabling secure remote work environments for their teams.”

StratusCore RAVEL™ solutions are comprised of two products: RAVEL Studio™ and RAVEL Orchestrate™:

RAVEL Studio™ is a vertically integrated, content creation environment solution including virtual workstation and storage, for remote and hybrid team collaboration.

RAVEL Orchestrate™ is an elegant DevOps application and management tool that instantly and securely creates complex virtual creation environments.

These products will be made available to the Autodesk Solutions Provider channel via the StratusCore BOOST™ Platform. The StratusCore BOOST Platform™ provides the Autodesk Solutions Provider Channel with innovative features and benefits to enable their deeper participation in remote work solutions and cloud transformation. StratusCore BOOST™ will be made available to the channel in late Q2, 2022, with an accompanying detailed announcement.

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