Motion Media announces Partnership with RAVEL Orchestrate

November 4, 2022

Motion Media is a Gold Member of the Autodesk Solution Partner Program and has been in business for 30 years.  

Brad says, “We’ve known that full cloud and hybrid cloud solutions were inevitable.  The pandemic accelerated both a major shift in remote work and the need for cloud solutions.  This partnership with StratusCore has opened up unlimited possibilities for my existing and future customers.  RAVEL Orchestrate is the one solution that allows us to do three things:

  1. Help our customers who want to reduce DevOps/IT risk and spend as they step into the cloud.
  2. My team becomes cloud implementation experts with very little risk of both time and investment.
  3. RAVEL Orchestrate becomes the chassis for other products and solutions that I already sell.  This makes both integration time with a complete solution that is flexible and customizable.  A win for both me and my customers.'

Denise from StratusCore says, “We are honored to work with one of Autodesk’s premiere Partners, Motion Media.  Brad and his team have an impeccable reputation for finding solutions for their customers and have long standing esteem with some of the world’s most innovative and respected companies in the Media & Entertainment, AEC, and Product Design & Manufacturing industries.  With this partnership, we are now able to support Motion Media’s growth into virtualization and hybrid cloud solutions with ease.”

RAVEL Orchestrate is a no-code software solution that rapidly assembles the key components that enables hybrid and full cloud complex creation environments further enabling StratusCore’s mission to enable any IT or DevOps team to manage secure and remote content creation environments.

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