StatusCore introduces RAVEL Orchestrate 2.5

November 2, 2022

Seattle, September 14, 2022 - StratusCore, the leading provider of SaaS-based IT and DevOps automation solutions to rapidly deploy secure virtual content creation and collaboration environments, announces the launch of RAVEL Orchestrate™ 2.5. RAVEL Orchestrate™ is no-code orchestration software for the rapid assembly, deployment & management of complex hybrid and cloud workspace environments at scale. With the release of 2.5, IT and DevOps teams in the M&E, AEC and PD&M industries now have expanded options to provide virtual workspaces that meet diverse creator and cost management demands. 

RAVEL Orchestrate™ 2.5 builds upon the rapid deployment and management capabilities of previous versions with new, no-code features and functionality that further the automation of once laborious IT tasks. Major functionality additions include:

  • The Power of Choice with Clouds: RAVEL Orchestrate™ Administrators can now select their preferred cloud within the same version of the software. Support for Azure and AWS extends to all features within Orchestrate, with specific interoperability to leverage the unique benefits of each cloud. 
  • The Power of Choice with VDIs: Administrators now support of the popular HP Anyware through the addition of Parsec interoperability to provide customer with expanded options for deployments. 
  • any software image, two different types of ID managements system and broker
  • Connection with Boost and Resellers and Ecosystems partners ability to deploy 

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