StratusCore Announces RAVEL Orchestrate Verify

New version of RAVEL Orchestrate provides SMART Assembly™ on any cloud or on-premise infrastructure for secure content creation environments

April 20, 2023 (Seattle WA) - Today StratusCore announces RAVEL Verify Campaign to give IT and Dev Ops teams the ability to anticipate, plan and better determine expense and requirements to develop a secure virtual environment to conduct heavy and complex workflow and workloads.   


“With our announcement of RAVEL Orchestrate V2.6.1 and it’s flexible capability to handle on-premise, VMware (ESXi-based), and cloud solutions, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to share its power with our two important constituents: 1) our ecosystem partners and 2) end customers. “


About StratusCore 

StratusCore is the leading provider of DevOps tools for the Virtualization and SMART Assembly™ of cloud, on-prem, and datacenter infrastructure for complex workloads and workflows. Our flagship product RAVEL Orchestrate™ provides teams with a no-code, DevOps & IT solution that automates & rapidly assembles complex content creation environments,  including managing infrastructure, virtualization technology, identity management, and customize software images. From Generative AI & Design, VFX, Animation, and Visualization studios to Product Design and Architecture firms, our solutions help our customers elevate their creative spirit, empowering IT and DevOps to enable content creators to create anything, anytime, anywhere. For more information and to learn more about our SMART Assembly™ solutions, contact us at