RAVEL Announces partnership with CineSys

RAVEL and CineSys collaborate to help digital content creators accelerate their transformation to hybrid and cloud-based workflows.

March 28, 2024

Seattle, March 28, 2024. Today RAVEL Inc announced their partnership with leading North American Broadcast and Media Systems Integrator, CineSys LLC.

RAVEL and CineSys will collaborate to help digital content creators across North America accelerate their transformation to hybrid and cloud-based workflows.

RAVEL’s no-code orchestration software rapidly assembles, deploys, and manages hybrid and cloud workspace environments at scale. Giving IT and DevOps teams the power to work more efficiently, RAVEL Orchestrate makes deployment of complex creation environments fast and secure, streamlines cloud and on-prem operations, and breaks down team, infrastructure, and geographical barriers with ease. Ensuring both remote and hybrid teams have access to the workloads and workflows that they need faster than ever before.

CineSys is a Broadcast and Media Systems Integrator with over 25 years of IT experience in the Media and Entertainment industry, providing innovative technology and support for digital content creators across North America. Partnering with RAVEL will enable CineSys to enhance their IT services offering and provide greater efficiencies to customers managing complex on-premise, cloud, and hybrid workspaces.


“We are very excited to partner with a company like RAVEL and introduce Orchestrate to our customers in the broadcast and media space. RAVEL Orchestrate simplifies complex cloud and hybrid workstation and compute deployments and makes the management process quick and easy!' said CineSys VP of Asset Management and Solutions, Matt Tape.

Denise Muyco, CEO of RAVEL says, “We are honored to work with one of North America's best loved Media and Entertainment Integrators. The team at CineSys have decades of experience working with companies to accelerate their workflows using cutting-edge tech and we couldn’t be more proud that RAVEL Orchestrate is now the latest advancement to make the day-to-day lives of CineSys customers easier and support their expansion into the cloud”.

RAVEL and Cinesys are offering Proof of Concept trials of RAVEL with either cloud, on-prem or hybrid infrastructure. To request a trial sign up using the form on the RAVEL website.


About CineSys

CineSys is a Broadcast and Media Systems Integrator providing solutions, integration and support for digital content creators across North America. With decades of IT experience and a foundation in M&E, they serve a range of industries from broadcast and post production to government, corporate, agency, houses of worship and sports. Their goal is to help companies get the most out of their technology investment, to accelerate workflows with cutting edge technology and strengthen infrastructures.

About RAVEL (formerly StratusCore)

RAVEL is the leading provider of DevOps tools for secure virtual content creation and collaboration environments. Our technology provides teams with no-code, DevOps & IT solutions that automate & rapidly assemble complex content creation environments. From VFX, Animation, and Visualization studios to Design and Architecture firms, our solutions help our customers elevate their creative spirit, empowering IT and DevOps to enable content creators to create anything, anytime, anywhere. For more information, contact us at press@stratuscore.com.