StratusCore Announces Ability to Manage Customers’ Owned Content Creation and Rendering Software Licenses via its Secure Licensing Management System

September 29, 2017

StratusCore is pleased to announce its ability to now manage customers' existing or new content creation and rendering software licenses, allowing them the freedom to access and use their quiver of content creation tools and plug-ins via a single dashboard. Through StratusCore, customers will be able to either purchase and use of a growing list of licenses directly from the StratusCore platform, or they can submit their existing or new licenses securely for seamless access through their Virtual Workstation and cloud rendering service.

'In an era when artists want to be liberated by choice in how they create content, StratusCore strives to provide them with more options, not less,' said Denise Muyco, co-founder and CEO of StratusCore. 'We consider ourselves a marketplace and are tool agnostic. We are working closely with a variety of tools vendors to make their offering available on the cloud for their customers, freeing customers to work where, when and how they want.'

StratusCore supports over 200 rendering software tools and plug-ins today. Enabling customers to bring their own license to the fold means that artists can easily consolidate their various tools in one place while leveraging the power and economies of cloud rendering.

StratusCore's Virtual Workstation liberates artists from buying and maintaining expensive hardware, enabling them to create and collaborate latency free at 60 frames per second (fps) on a basic laptop and 8Mbps internet connection - from virtually anywhere.

StratusCore's Virtual Workstation, rendering service and production-grade 'hot' storage are all tightly connected, eliminating the time, cost and hassle it takes to work with and collaborate on big files. Whether in London, Vancouver, or Hawaii, project members can log in from wherever they choose and access the files and services they need to immediately collaborate on projects. Artists and studios stand to save significantly by securing only the resources they need for the duration needed, eliminating costly upfront hardware and infrastructure investments.

StratusCore's latest version of Virtual Workstation is currently in limited beta and is anticipated to be generally available in 2017. If you are interested in being a beta participant, email For more information about StratusCore's full suite of services, visit where you can learn more and create a free account.

About StratusCore

StratusCore's Virtual Studio is the only cloud-based content production platform that gives digital artists and studios secure, on-demand access to the broadest set of creative and collaboration tools and scalable cloud-based compute needed to unleash the deep efficiencies and full potential of the creative process. With StratusCore, artists have the ultimate freedom to access their work and create affordably from anywhere with just a basic laptop and as little as an 8Mbps internet connection. Content and tools sit together in centralized storage in the cloud to make creation and global collaboration nearly instantaneous and secure. Industry-leading motion graphics, visual effects, animation, game development and compute tools can be accessed online through StratusCore's marketplace or users' licenses. StratusCore's clients include some of the world's largest traditional studios like Sony and Universal, new OTT content providers like Netflix, gaming and post-production VR / VFX houses like Sony Interactive and educational institutions like NYU. For more information, please visit

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