StratusCore Announces Exclusive Free Virtual Studio Benefits to all Visual Effects Society Members

February 14, 2018

StratusCore, a content production platform and virtual workplace company, in partnership with the Visual Effects Society (VES), today announced a set of exclusive benefits for all VES members, giving them free access to its groundbreaking, cloud-based Virtual Studio platform. StratusCore's Virtual Studio is a unified, secure platform that allows artists to create, store, share, render and transfer their work easily and collaborate simultaneously with globally dispersed teams. Complex 3D animation, visual effects and VR creation is latency-free at 60 frames per second using just a Windows browser and 8Mbps connection. For at least the next year, VES members get 40 Virtual Workstation hours and 25 rendering credits each month, along with 50 Gb of 'hot' storage and 50% off any purchased services.

'Members of the Visual Effects Society are continually trailblazing what's possible in entertainment, and we are excited to give them an opportunity be pioneers in cloud-based content creation,' said Cathy Davidson, StratusCore VP of Marketing. 'We're confident Virtual Studio will enlighten and delight VES members as they have the freedom to create and collaborate from where they want with who they want around the globe securely.'

Today, Virtual Studio comes with Blender and GIMP supported out-of-the-box, and enables artists to add select purchased licenses to their workstation. More software will be available soon for direct purchase in on-demand time increments in StratusCore's upcoming tools marketplace. StratusCore will be offering exclusive training session with local VES Sections, as well as dedicated support opportunities.

StratusCore services are used by global content producers such as Sony, Sony Interactive, Universal, DreamWorks and Netflix, as well as more than 45,000 digital artists worldwide.

About StratusCore

StratusCore's Virtual Studio is the only cloud-based content production platform that gives digital artists and studios secure, on-demand access to the broadest set of creative and collaboration tools and scalable cloud-based compute needed to unleash the deep efficiencies and full potential of the creative process. With StratusCore, artists have the ultimate freedom to access their work and create affordably from anywhere with just a basic laptop and as little as an 8Mbps internet connection. Content and tools sit together in centralized storage in the cloud to make creation and global collaboration nearly instantaneous and secure. Industry-leading motion graphics, visual effects, animation, game development and compute tools can be accessed online through StratusCore's marketplace or users' licenses. StratusCore's clients include some of the world's largest traditional studios like Sony and Universal, new OTT content providers like Netflix, gaming and post-production VR / VFX houses like Sony Interactive and educational institutions like NYU. For more information, please visit

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