StratusCore Announces the Launch of RAVEL Orchestrate™

September 14, 2021

Seattle, September 14, 2021 - StratusCore, the leading provider of SaaS-based IT and DevOps automation solutions that rapidly deploy secure virtual content creation and collaboration environments, announces the launch of RAVEL Orchestrate™. RAVEL Orchestrate™ is no-code orchestration software that enables complete control over the rapid assembly of infrastructure (both cloud and cloud regions and on-premise equipment), virtualization technologies, and identity management systems with capability for quick and frequent software image deployment for creation environments in the M&E, AEC and PD&M industries. 


“IT/DevOps teams are already so taxed responding to a barrage of inbound requests on top of challenges with fragile bespoke solutions.  Our goal was to find a way where the ecosystem components that are commonly used for content creation environments could interoperate with very little complexity taking the technical and financial risk out of the equation,” said Denise Muyco, CEO of StratusCore.  “We listened to our customers who were already liking our vertically integrated service, RAVEL Studio, however, this was not hitting the mark for enterprise customers who need to scale to multi-region teams and customize their own workflows. Managing cloud costs and consumption from RAVEL Orchestrate’s visual telemetry has proven to be highly beneficial for those responsible for budget optimization.  Mostly, RAVEL Orchestrate answers the need for Cloud-first organizations as well as those who need an easy way to start digital transformation using RAVEL Orchestrate to manage hybrid installations. “ 


With RAVEL Orchestrate™, customers benefit from a solution that requires minimal effort from IT to provision complete virtual creation environments, while providing the most flexibility in deployments for their multi-region, multi-requirement production teams. By putting the power of software image creation and deployment in the hands of IT, customers have complete independence in limitless software and configuration choices without the need for professional services, opening up new industries for StratusCore beyond M&E to include any company, firm, or studio that builds or edits media, designs products, buildings, games and beyond. 


Key Features:

  • Rapid assembly of virtual creation environments, which include creating software images in connection with infrastructure, virtualization solutions and identity management solutions.
  • Virtual workstations based on cloud workstation options.
  • Cost controls over infrastructure and software resources to teams.
  • Interoperability with nearly every storage solution including on-premise.



  • Reduces risk in time to develop bespoke solutions
  • Optimizes existing point solutions
  • Manages cloud tenant time and costs [commits can be challenging]
  • Telemetry


About StratusCore: StratusCore is the leading provider of DevOps tools for secure virtual content creation and collaboration environments. Our technology provides teams with low-code, DevOps & IT solutions that automate & rapidly assemble complex content creation environments. From VFX, Animation, and Visualization studios to Design and Architecture firms, our solutions help our customers elevate their creative spirit, empowering IT and DevOps to enable content creators to create anything, anytime, anywhere. For more information, contact us at

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