Remote Creative. Elevated.

Automation and modernization of content creation environments

RAVEL is no-code orchestration software for the rapid assembly, deployment & management of complex hybrid and cloud workspace environments at scale

With RAVEL, IT and DevOps teams now have the power to work efficiently at scale, and deploy at a higher velocity than ever before, so they are the game-changing heroes of content creation

Seriously Simple Assembly

Rapidly assemble and deploy all components for complex content creation environments without writing a line of code

Software, Infrasctructure, Virtualization Tools, Identity management

With TRAVEL Orchestrate, our cloud knowledge gap nearly went to zero and we were able to rapidly assemble and deploy our own bespoke solution -- all while maintaining our existing software, identity provider, and low-latency remoting software. - Jeremy Oddo, Director of Technology, The Third Floor
A sampling of supoport content creation tool providers: Autodesk, Maxon, SolidWorks, Adobe, Chaos Group, The Foundry, Vectorworks, Unreal Engine, and more.

Your Software

Deploy leading and custom content creation tools for M&E, AEC, PD&M and Gaming workflows including plugins and your own scripts into unique software images

Your Infrastructure

Provision and provide fast access to all your cloud and on-prem infrastructure including Azure and AWS

RAVEL orchestrate supports infrastructure provisioning in Azure and AWS
Teradici HP Anywhere, Parsec

Your Virtualization

Easily integrate your preferred Virtualization tools including HP Anyware and Parsec for immediate workstation access

Your Identity Management

Create secure environments with the leading user access control and permissioning tools including Active Directory and OKTA, or your custom solution (*support coming Q1 2023)


RAVEL Orchestrate™

A no-code aspirin for your complex deployment headaches

RAVEL Orchestrate™ is elegant orchestration software that instantly creates complex virtual content creation environments anywhere, securely.

With RAVEL Orchestrate™ you can easily manage:

■ Any cloud or hybrid/on-prem infrastructure all in one interface
■ Rapid provisioning of virtual workstations and storage for project-based artists/creators
■ Customization and creation of multiple software image deployments w/ standard and custom creation tools for project teams
■ Access and identity management for distributed teams & comply with industry security requirements
■ Allocation of technical resources to your creative team members to enable collaboration on shared infrastructure
■ Budgets via usage analytics for real-time auditing and forecasting

Orchestrate Dashboard

RAVEL is the only orchestration console that provides full management of content creation ecosystem components in a single pane of glass

RAVEL Orchestrate Dashboard
The RAVEL Orchestrate cloud workstation scheduler

Orchestrate Scheduler

With RAVEL, IT teams manage cloud costs via time-based user and team access to virtual workstations, machine minimums and maximums, and machine-state preferences regardless of region, timezone or project

Orchestrate Build Station

RAVEL is the only solution that provides IT with the ability to create and deploy limitless custom software images, to as many users and teams in the cloud and regions at scale, in 90% less time than traditional imaging methods

Quick and easy cloud workstation deployment management through RAVEL Orchestrate's Build Station
Managing teams and their virtual workstation allocations through RAVEL Orchestrate's Administration UI

Orchestrate User and Team Management

RAVEL provides IT with unparalleled management of users and teams' access to the custom creation environments that are the foundation of their workspaces, no matter where they are located

Orchestrate Telemetry

RAVEL is the only solution that provides a real-time view of active users, teams and associated usage reporting for IT to manage, budget, and document deployed creation environment interactions

Tracking cloud workstation usage with RAVEL Orchestrate's internal reporting tools.
One-click launch of virtual workstation sessions.

Orchestrate Workstation Launcher

RAVEL provides the fastest, frictionless, two-step virtual workstation access for all team members, including persistent machines via designated workstation pools

RAVEL Serves and Unifies the Ecosystem

1. We serve the Content Creator - quick and easy access for content creators to do their best work including: Designers, Engineers, Game Developers, Visual Effect Artists, Editors, and more.

2. RAVEL Core: Orchestration engine, API service bus, telemetry/analytics engine, allocation & distribution delivery system for software, infrastructure & other tools

3. We serve the IT/Dev Ops manager - with an elegant interface to easily onboard the four key components - software image management, cloud & hybrid infrastructure, virtualization technology, and identity management.

4. We serve the Ecosystem partner - we enable easy and rapid integration and deployments, making it easier for end-users to leverage their service, collect usage telemetry to help optimize their service, and management on a flexible, named-user basis.

Reduce DevOps chaos and code with orchestration software that gets your teams working in secure environments with the tools they demand to produce their best work

Take your team from a creative nosedive

Common Use Cases for Hybrid Workforces

RAVEL Creates Limitless Possibilities for Scaling Operations


Provide near-immediate access to secure virtual workspaces for remote teams and partners. Provide designated workstations and software access with extensive telemetry to understand usage trends.


Spin up a new secure studios and creative offices in hours, enabling new regions and teams to quickly access high-compute, software, and multi-platform storage. Reduce IT intevention for sub-efficient tasks.

Learning & Development

Onboard new users and teams to creative workspaces, productions and associated software requirements without physical constraints. Save IT for the tasks that matter most.

Deployment Options

Deployment Options: We host RAVEL Orchestrate, You Host RAVEL Orchestrate, Partner hosts RAVEL Orchestrate


RAVEL Orchestrate™ includes 3 key components for every installation

Orchestrate Core

● $1,150/mo in our tenancy
● $500/mo in your tenancy
Every deployment requires at least one Core to manage all aspects of Orchestrate. One core can support multiple regions.

Enterprise, quarterly and annual commitment discounts available.

Orchestrate Admin

● $399/mo
Admin seats allow for full management of all Orchestrate functionality and are required for Core home region. Simplify all administration with one seat or provide more to share with team.

Enterprise, quarterly and annual commitment discounts available.

Orchestrate User

● $150/mo
User seats are ideal for your teams of artists, designers and creators with 2-click access to virtual creation environments.

Enterprise, quarterly and annual commitment discounts available.
RAVEL works with authorized channel and reseller partners to provide our customers with the best expertise for the most complex workflows and deployments. Luckily, it couldn't be simpler with RAVEL Orchestrate™. Contact us to learn more about our partners and to schedule a free consultation on how Orchestrate can be easily integrated into your operation. We are here for you!