StratusCore = RAVEL

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Why the name change?

Well, we listened and we focused! We’ve spent nearly a decade focused on developing the very first virtual studio for remote and hybrid projects-based teams and organizations. For many of the thousands who have used our service, offering a vertically integrated SaaS service was perfect. It was good for VFX artists, editors, designers, engineers, and their production companies and studios……though we weren’t hitting the mark for the DevOps and IT heroes who tirelessly work to serve creative team requirements on a moment by moment basis. So we took our technology and unRAVELed it to make it extremely flexible for DevOps and IT teams to create and manage virtual environments on their own terms. RAVEL emerged to serve all constituents in the ecosystem…but don’t worry, we still serve the creative end-user!

As such, we are transitioning our StratusCore site and products to be under our RAVEL brand, which you’ve come to know with RAVEL Studio™ and RAVEL Orchestrate™. This site will be your source for all information related to RAVEL and our flagship product, RAVEL Orchestrate™ along with our Partner portal and program, BOOST.

Note: For our RAVEL Studio™ and RenderRocket customers, please feel free to contact us regarding any questions relative to your accounts by clicking the button below and filling out the contact form: